18 April, 2014

Irons, all of the same length!

I came across this new idea today. Every golfer has a favourite iron. For me, it is the 8-iron. Imagine now playing with a set of irons, all of the same length as my favourite iron. During my set up, the ball distance from my feet does not change. So, my swing plane remains constant. I can therefore use the same easy swing for all my irons because they have identical shaft lengths and swing weights.

08 January, 2014

Square to square method

Recently I found this guy, Doug Tewell on the internet. What he says makes a lot of sense. When we were in our 20's we were young and nimble enough to do a full golf swing. After a few operations to fix our knees, hips and some other body parts, this method is no longer suitable for golfers over 60 years old. He suggested that perhaps we should be considering changing over to a 3/4 square to square swing: http://fast.squaretosquaremethod.com/get/the-bundle?utm_source=et-dt&utm_medium=email&utm_content=dt-8myth-50&utm_campaign=dt-8myth

13 October, 2012

Why senior players give up golf

It is common knowledge that a golfer loses distance with advancing age. He remembers that once upon a time he could hit them off the blue tees, 300 metres or more with the Maruman/Callaway driver. Now it flops and rolls reluctantly to 200M or even less! Previously for par 4 holes, he used a pitching wedge for his approach shots to the green and putted for birdies. He would par only when he missed his first putt. Those were the days remembered by many senior golfers.

08 October, 2012

Use 70 % power and no more

Golf is an easy game if the player remembers to use only 70 % of full power for the longer clubs. Then it is possible to hit the ball on the sweet spot every time. The player controls the ball, not the other way round! When control of the ball has been achieved you may increase power to 75% and a bit more progressively as your handicap comes down to single. Then you may use 80%. That will be the maximum power you are allowed to use because beyond that, you are no longer sure of hitting the sweet spot at all. The ball again controls you!

08 April, 2012

Draw shots go further than fades.

I practised my shots regularly at the Hamilton Golf Club's driving range. When I picked up all the balls, I always noticed that the balls on the left side is 5 to 10 metres further than those on the right side of the range. For a long time, I could not figure out the reason why; but now I think that I have got it! A draw shot carries  top spin and not the anti-clockwise rotation, found on fades. On landing, the top spin carries the ball slightly further! This means that a fade carries some back spins and stops sooner!

02 November, 2009

Golf joke

A bloke is driving from Sydney to Melbourne and , noticing that he's getting low on fuel, decides to pull off the freeway and find a service station.

The engine is coughing and spluttering when, thank God, he finds an old-fashion service station, just near Gundagai. And an old bloke comes out, tugging at his braces.

18 September, 2009

Ben Hogan's golf tips

I received this sketch from a friend on my Google group, extanjong.

(sketch contributed by Uki)

I like this tip: "less is more"
For the beginner golfer, it is not easy to accept this tip which means that if he uses less force (power) he will hit the ball further. No way! (He is thinking that I was trying to pull a fast one on him and so refuses to believe me) However, the logic is very simple: